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My honey taking a rig apart

Husband’s rig

BH58 Iraq

This is my fiance’s rig in Iraq. He works 28 and 28…Love him dearly and miss him terribly when he’s at work! Love being a part of this wonderful network as I’m only a year and a half into this lifestyle and not everyone understands what life is like with an oilfield man…what a fantastic support you all have been! Cheers from St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada.

Soon-to-Be Oilfield Wife!

Hello everyone! My name is Kristin and I am a soon-to-be oilfield wife! My wonderful fiancé, Peter, is a derrickman and absolutely loves what he does. He works 7 on 7 off and when he leaves for his hitch it never gets easier, as you all know :) I definitely occupy my time and mind by working and spending time with family (his family in particular since they live so close). He has been all over the place but for the past year and a half he has been traveling to Kansas for his hitch (we live in Oklahoma). I am so excited to announce that for the first time in his oil career he is finally moving location close to home! VERY close to home. As in 30 minutes away close! This was so unexpected! I can’t believe the company he works for so happened to buy leases near where we live! No more 5+ hour drives for him! I know I am very fortunate and blessed to be having him home every day. Words can’t describe how excited he and I both are. I am looking forward to constant meals together and snuggles. Peter is such an extremely hard worker. He is so dedicated to his job and crew. No matter if it’s 110 or 10 degrees he works with all of his heart without complaining. I pray to God every night that He will continue to give Peter the strength he needs and keep him safe: to cover him with His feathers (my favorite verse Psalm 91:4). The work that our men put into their job is unbelievable. They put so much blood and sweat into their 12 hours days 7 days a week to provide for the ones they love. I love my dirty roughneck and am a proud and very thankful (soon-to-be) oilfield wife! I look forward to connecting with other oilfield wives and keeping up with this website! God bless!

Little roughneck

He thought he was going to work with his dad :) CanElson #16

Downtime on the intervention boat

This is my husband, Matt, getting in a little fishing while off shift on the Ocean Alliance ROV/Intervention Boat. Glad he’s having fun!

Northern Colorado Drilling

This pic was taken east of Greeley Colorado on a nice winters day.

Northern Colorado Drilling

This pic was taken early of Greeley Colorado on a nice winters day.

my first hot shot with the hubby

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